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Thursday Night Football Live : Redskins vs Vikings Live Stream Watch Free Thursday NFL Game 7:20 PM ET on Thursday at U.S. Bank Stadium. NFL 2019 Regular Season Game Sunday, October 24, Week 8. So, you can easily watch NFL Football all season live matches from here.

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Event : NFL Football Game
Team : Redskins vs Vikings
Date : Thursday, October 24, 2019
Time : 8:20p ET

The Washington Redskins and Minnesota Vikings are two of the most exciting teams in the NFL, and it is always a pleasure when the two match up. Dynamic action on the field, some of the best players in the league, and an energetic fanbase: these are just a few things that make it so great when the Redskins and Vikings go toe to toe. You can expect a great time at the stadium during Redskins vs. Vikings games.

Redskins vs. Vikings

Fans interested in seeing a Redskins vs. Vikings game have a great option regardless of where the game is taking place, as both teams compete in a best-in-class venue. The Redskins play home games at FedEx Field in Landover, while the Vikings call U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis home.

Redskins vs. Vikings Ticket Information

If the Redskins and Vikings have any upcoming games against one another, they can be seen at the top of this page. The average resale price for a Redskins home ticket is $113, but this can change from game to game and may differ when the Vikings come to town. Tickets to Vikings homes games typically cost $133, and again, this is subject to change based on the matchup, day of week, and even the weather.

To see all Washington Redskins tickets, visit our Redskins tickets page. To view all Minnesota Vikings tickets, visit our Vikings tickets page. If you are just looking for something to do in the Minneapolis area, you can view all events in Minneapolis this weekend.

I like him. He came in and took what was literally the worst defense in the NFL and turned it into one of the best, year in and year out, since he’s been here.

He’s had to deal with a litany of issues that no other coach has had to deal with, and still found a way to win. Whether it was Adrian Peterson missing almost all of 2014, his first year, to nearly losing an eye and undergoing something like a dozen surgeries, to playing in a temporary stadium for two years, to another wide left in the playoffs, to losing what he thought was a franchise QB a week before the season began, to trading for another QB, to watching a third QB catch lightning in a bottle, to signing yet ANOTHER QB after 2017, to having to deal with a serious mental health issue with a star player in the middle of a season…Zimmer has run the gauntlet with this team, and he still wins a lot more games than he loses.

I think he was too stubborn early on with regards to running the ball this season, but has since embraced letting the offense do what they need to do to be successful. He’s an old school guy, he’s irascible and frustrating at times, but he’s a good coach, and I hope he’s the guy that can hoist the Lombardi Trophy for this franchise.

Early this year, it was run first, run second, and hey let’s run some more. That got re-calibrated when the Bears embarrassed the Vikings in week four, and then the subsequent Adam Thielen post game comments, the Cousins apology, and the Stefon Diggs episode. I am convinced those three things led to a come to Jesus meeting within the locker room that cleared some dirty lingering air, and since that game this team has been a passing offense that sets up the run exceptionally well. They use play action so well that it forces a defense to try and defend both, they can’t, so things are open for either Cook or for Cousins to throw. It’s been a heck of a lot of fun to watch the last three weeks, that’s for sure.

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